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  Server Updates

I got the new server up from DataShack. It's pretty nice, Quad Core Phenom II X4, 8GB ram, some ludicrous amount of bandwidth. I was doing some testing, and getting 300megabit+ up and down. Minecraft server has been relocated, TF2 to follow.
The web server I may or may not move. I'm kind of worried about security, I'd want to run it in a VirtualBox VM or something.

New comics are up, even dumber than the old ones! Check the comics section.
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  Crazy Java 0-Day Shenanigans

There is a crazy Java exploit in the wild. It seems like Microsoft Security Essentials detects it as cve-2012-1723. Some report it is patched. As of right now, there is code that still is detected by AVs as such, but it still works in the latest JREs. There is code out there, the security manager is completely bypassed. You can launch random executables, or do whatever you want. I just compiled the code and tested it with some friends, was able to launch calc.exe on a PC, xterm on a mac, copy contents from the clipboard, you name it. Anything a full java application can do, an applet can do with this exploit. Google java 0 day for more info. I would recommend turning off your Java plugin. I tested it on a Mac, JRE build 1.7.0_08-ea-b04, both the latest Safari and Firefox. Works. Works on PCs as well running Java 1.7. Thus far I haven't been able to actually launch executables or do bad things on Java 1.6, only 1.7. I recommend disabling your Java plugin! Srsly. End PSA :') As a side note. I REALLY need to write an admin interface for this site. Inserting this garbage into sqlite3 is annoying.
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  TF2 Server

Rebuilt this server as Ubuntu 32 bit after seeing recommendations not to use 64 bit. The TF2 server broke last update. Should be up shortly. Kudos to this guy for the TF2 icon.
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  another thing

New comic is up. I'm almost thinking doing it in colored pencil would be faster than trying to paint these things on the PC. Aye....
At some point, I should probably write a front end to the posty code, instead of literally editing the database with the sqlite3 tool to make a new post ;)
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  a new thing

New comic is up. These things take me like 8-10 hours to do, I am not so great at this.
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  dood, is this even a website?

Site is very much a work in progress right now. I'm writing my own little posty utility and comic viewer in PHP.
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