DOS NETWORKED LIVECASTING SYNTH v0.04 ohgodohgod please don’t crash when I’m not home edition

What is this?

Upload a midi file, hit play on the control. It will be rendered on a 486 DX2 66 Pentium 233 running dos with a true hardware Roland SC-55. Be a bit patient. It's an old computer.

Tech Jargon

A lot of music from the early 90s was written to be synthed on the Roland SC-55 and it's various cousins. Emulation of the device via soundfonts has not come close in all areas. Upload a midi and it will be synthed on real hardware and hopefully play over shoutcast. I have a (really bad computer) system running a TCP/IP stack in dos via packet driver, along with said Roland synth. For the heck of it I wrote a series of batch\qbasic scripts and chained curl + dosmid + some php scripts together. The result is that this here 22 year old machine will synth MIDI files you upload, and they will be streamed over an Icecast server automatically in the order they are queued. It probably is horribly dangerous to put such an old machine on the internet, a backup is in place as this is probably going to be wildly unstable and prone to issues. It probably will not be up all the time, I want to get back to playing Zeliard. ;)

Known Issues

  • SAPI player has a limit of 64kb filesize


  • Basic watchdog in place! Machine will reboot if after 15 minutes if it breaks!
  • The queue will alternate taking from the top and the bottom, and also consider duplicate entries played. This should help the backlog and give people a chance to listen to a song without waiting 2 hours.
  • Switched back to megamid for mpu, also doing a GM reset prior to every song.
  • Switched away from Creative's playmidi.exe to PX
  • 11/1/15 - Some basic captcha code, db cleanup because of spammers
  • 11/3/15 - The RaspberryPi seems to be the weak link in the chain. Recompiled darkice to use alsa instead of JACK. JACK is bombing out every couple of weeks.
  • 3/12/16 - The RaspberryPI has been switched to Gentoo, way too many issues with Rasbian...reboots...buffer underruns to eventual failure with JACK, ALSA, and Pulse....lets hope that it is more stable.
  • 4/4/16 - Short outage. Moving to a CF we are on a different PC
  • 9/30/16 - Catastrophic server failure. Streaming will be back later tonight....and we are back
  • 12/24/16 - Whoops. Icecast was not listening on IPv6, some picky devices may not have had working audio....I don't know what I should do with this site
  • 4/10/17 - Err, someone did a denial of service attack on the site, cleaned up a bit...why foot why
  • 10/12/17 - Bugs galore. Captcha in some cases was not working right.

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Voyetra SAPI (Packard Bell Win 3.1)

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